The Sculptor Bernard Reynolds

by Gwynneth Reynolds and Pat Hurrell



Benton End Remembered

Compiled and Edited by Gwynneth Reynolds and Diana Grace


book - Sculptor Bernard Reynolds by Gwynneth Reynolds Book - Benton End Remembered by Gwynneth Reynolds

The Sculptor Bernard Reynolds looks at the life and body of work of East Anglian Artist Bernard Reynolds.

As well as his sculpture, this book includes etchings, life drawings, photography and natural history illustrations.


Benton End Remembered looks at the influential East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing created in the Suffolk countryside by the Welsh painter Cedric Morris and sculptor Arthur Lett-Haines.

With contributions from people like Kathleen Hale, Beth Chatto and Maggi Hambling.

  The Sculptor Bernard Reynolds open by Gwynneth Reynolds   Benton End Remembered open by Gwynneth Reynolds  

Book Details

Publisher: Sansom & Company

Dimensions: 220mm x 280mm

Pages: 151

illustrations: 120

Available from Reynolds Family


Book Details

Publisher: Unicorn Press

Dimensions: 250mm x 225mm

Pages: 160

illustrations: 82

Available from Amazon